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Maggie Braine

VP of Product + Brand Experience, Bulletin

Maggie Braine is the director of product and brand experience for Bulletin, the “WeWork for physical retail.” In her role, Maggie leads merchandising strategy (including brand curation, product assortment and translating creative); spearheads strategy and management of brand experience for the Bulletin customer as well as its brands; handles all operations and logistics for products, brands and stores.

Additionally, Maggie is spearheading the launch of Bulletin’s internal tech platform, which will enable the brands that sell with Bulletin the opportunity to view customer feedback, upload product, and track sales in real time (amongst other things).

Prior to joining Bulletin in 2017, Maggie worked as a consultant at Salles Interiors and a merchant at J.Crew. Both experiences allowed her to build a solid foundation in influencing product development, driving competitive store sales and curating a website that thoughtfully represents a company’s aesthetic vision as well as business strategy.

In addition to her work at Bulletin, Maggie sits on the event board for Tickled Hot Pink, a women-led non-profit that does pop-up fundraising for women’s health organizations.

Maggie graduated from Vanderbilt University in 2012, and currently resides in Brooklyn.